Seasonal Greetings





Dear members of the European Association of Veterinary Anatomists (EAVA), dear colleagues,

This is what I see, walking my dogs early in the morning. Whether or not this is the tallest Christmas tree in the world, is under debate. What really counts, is that it marks the last couple of weeks for Christmas, time to reflect on the past year. While writing this, the attacks on the values of Europe are on my mind and my thoughts are with those, who were involuntarily part of them. As an association we became partly involved as our Turkish members/participants had to cancel the Vienna congress, since they were not allowed anymore to travel abroad.

 Despite all, it was an active year for our association. We had a wonderful EAVA congress in Vienna, hosted by Monika Egerbacher and her team, held at the campus, which emphasized the close connection between the congress, the association and, the lab. I’m sure you all have your own memories, maybe about the high quality of the presentations, maybe about the modern campus site, maybe about the lovely social program, but at least about the warmth of Vienna. Did I hear you sing the opening song?

 We’re now in anticipation of the next YGVA meeting in Brno, Czech Republic, in July 2017. Please, keep an eye on the website, as ‘young’ in the YGVA stands for ‘young at heart’ and has nothing to do with age. However, we especially encourage the junior researchers to present their work, as it may be the first time in front of a foreign audience. I’m sure there’s no safer place to start a scientific career! Brno will also be the place where for the first time we will  ‘do something’ with credit points for participation. We’ll keep you informed.

 On behalf of the executive board of the EAVA I want to conclude with wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, hoping that you’ll be able to fulfil your dreams in both your private and professional life in good health in 2017.

 I’m sure we’ll be in contact,

 Hartelijke groet,


Claudia Wolschrijn,

President of the EAVA