Festive Greetings


Dear all,

Snow came a bit early in the Netherlands, and caused (of course, I would say) severe disruption (closure of airports and huge traffic jams). So completely different from what is depicted in the songs and pictures we hear and see related to the winter holidays! However, since I hear Mariah Carey approximately every hour on the radio, it must mean that it’s time to send you our best wishes!

 Reflecting on what happened this past year, the first thing that comes to mind is the YGVA meeting Peter and Michal organized for us in Brno. I’m sure everybody still remembers the beekeeper at the house of Gregor Mendel, or the donkey that perfectly demonstrated why the citizens living nearby the faculty were not too happy with its presence. I hope, the picture attached to this message will bring back other lovely memories!

 Of course, we had also serious business to care about, with formaldehyde being one of them. As it has turned out now, the soup is not eaten as hot as it was served, as we would say in Dutch. It seems to have calmed down a bit, giving us at least time to 2020 to think of how to reorganize our teaching programs. Of course, we’ll keep you informed when we have more information.

 In 2018, we’re all invited to go to Hanover, which will give us the opportunity to catch up again. As a board, we encourage to have the congress as close to the  anatomical institute as possible, as was wonderfully done in Vienna, and I’m very happy that Christiane and her team will provide a program on both their old and new campus. I hope to meet you all there!

 On this final working day before the holidays, I’ll keep it short. On behalf of the board of the EAVA, I wish you and all the people you care for Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


Hartelijke groet,

Claudia Wolschrijn,

President of the EAVA


Osteoarcheology workshop at YGVA Brno 2017