Simic-Grau Award Laureates

Awarded since 1984

List of all Simic-Grau Award Laureates

  • 1984
    Dr. Paul SIMOENS (Ghent, Belgium): ‘The internal carotid artery of the pig’.
  • 1986
    Dr. Hieronim FRACKOWIAK (Poznan, Poland): ‘The rete mirabile of maxillary artery of Lion’.
    Dr. Hagen GASSE (Hannover, Germany): On putative dynamics in the cyto-morphology of chromophile and chromophobe cells in the bovine pars distalis adenohypophysis’.
  • 1988
    Dr. Monika SCHESSNER (Giessen, Germany): ‘Actin im Pansenepithel des Rindes. Beispiele zur Lokalisation der Mikrofilamente’.
    Dr. Alois BOOS (Hannover, Germany): ‘Morphologische Grundlagen zum Hormon-austausch im Ligamentum latum uteri beim Rind’.
  • 1990
    Drs. Anton FÜRST, Eveline BOHLI, Henriette JOSSECK, Christian BOLLIGER, Martin KÖNIG and Wolfgang ZENKER (Zurich – Bern, Switzerland): ‘Zur angewandten Anatomie von Huf und Klaue’.
  • 1992
    Dr. Nathalie CREVIER (Maisons-Alfort, France): ‘Local variations of imaging anatomy and mechanical properties of normal equine tendons’.
  • 1994
    Dr. Christiane KREBS (Giessen, Germany): ‘Morphology of ovine placental vascular architecture and changes in high altitude’.
    Dr. Christoph MÜLLING (Berlin, Germany): ‘Veraenderungen des Interzellularkittes bei Klauenerkrankungen’.
  • 1996
    Dr. Hana HÜNIGEN (Berlin, Germany): ‘Morphometric studies on guinea pig lymph node content of iron oxide contrast agents 6 to 12 weeks after s.c. application’.
  • 1998
    Carsten STASZYK (Hannover, Germany): ‘Distribution of articular branches of nerves supplying the shoulder and elbow joint capsules in the dog’.
    Dr. C. Van GINNEKEN (Antwerp, Belgium): ‘The expression of neuronal nitric-oxide synthase in the pig duodenum: From fetal to weaned pig’.
  • 2000
    Drs. Nicola MIRABELLA, Caterina SQUILLACIOTI, S. FLORIO, G. PAINO and G.V. PELAGALLI (Naples, Italy): “Distribution and co-localization of pituitary adenylate cyclase activatin peptide (PACAP) immunoreactivity in the gastro-enteric and urinary tracts of the duck”.
  • 2002
    Drs. Ruth Maria HIRSCHBERG, I. WESTERFELD and Klaus-Dieter BUDRAS (Berlin, Germany): “The specialised dermo-subcutaneous system of the bovine claw – the suspensory and weight bearing apparatus”.
    Drs. I. WALTER, L.G. MOSS and J.B. MOSS (Vienna, Austria): “The Zebrafish (Anio rerio) as a vertrbrate model for pancreas development and diabetes research”.
  • 2004
    Drs. Malan STRBENC, V. SMERDU, N. TOZON, M. VRECL, M. URSIC, A. POGACNIK and G. FAZARINC (Ljubljana, Slovenia): “Myosin heavy chain transitions in dog skeletal fibres during postnatal development”.
  • 2006
    Dr. A. SCHNAPPER, (Hannover,Germany): Heterogenity of cadherin interaction systems in differentiated cells of the osteoblastic lineage in situ.
    Dr. Z. Szladovits (Budapest, Hungary): Three-dimensional kinematic gait analysis in dogs.
  • 2008
    Dr. Ralph BREHM et al. (Giessen, Germany) ‘Expression of connexin 43 in normal canine testes and canine testicular tumors’.
  • 2010
    W. De SPIEGELAERE, P. CORNILLIE, M. Van POUCKE, L. PEELMAN, C. BURVENICH, P. SIMOENS and W. Van den BROECK (Ghent, Belgium) ‘Expression of angiogenic growth factors during mesonephric glomerulogenesis’.
  • 2012
    D. HAEGER, N. HAMBRUCH, C. PFARRER (Hannover, Germany) ‘Use of complex 3-dimensional (3D) cell spheroids and culture techniques to study bovine trophoblast physiology in vitro’.
  • 2014
    T. VANDECASTEELE, K. VANDEVELDE, P. SIMOENS, G. van LOON, P. CORNILLIE (Ghent, Belgium) ‘Anatomical Description and Ultrasonographic Identification of the Venous Pulmonary Circulation in Horses’.
  • 2016
    S. MONTEIL, F. AUDIGIE, H. GROS, P. PERAN, S. PRADIER, A. DAVIERS, G. MOGICATO (Toulouse, France) ‘Anatomy of the normal equine brain: a cross-sectional and 3T magnetic resonance imaging comparative study’.