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20th Jul 2018

Nomina Histologica Veterinaria

This first edition of the NHV presents a list of the terminologies of veterinary cytology, general histology and special histology. This publication is authorized by the World Association of Veterinary Anatomists (W.A.V.A.). The International Committee on Veterinary Histological Nomenclature is fully aware that the establishment of a comprehensive list of 3.714 histological terms in Latin […]

Posted 5 months ago
3rd Jul 2018

Anatomy positions in Vienna

There are currently three vancancies at the anatomy department of the University of Vienna. For more details see

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18th Jun 2018

Prof. Aldo Cecio, Naples

Obituary: Professor Dr. Aldo Cecio Professor Aldo Cecio from Naples, Italy, passed away on June 13th in  Portici, province of  Naples. He was born in Santa Maria Capua Vetere,  province of Caserta. In addition to his work of researcher and teacher  at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Naples,  he  had many  cultural interests. After […]

Posted 6 months ago
8th Apr 2018

Stereology workshop in Tehran

International Workshop on Stereology, Tehran, Iran, May 8th-10th, 2018 is being organized as a collaboration of University of Tehran, Iran, University of Aarhus, Denmark and International Society for Stereology and Image Analysis. This stereology workshop will offer a comprehensive educational and research experience for national and international students and scientists to enhance their skills in […]

Posted 8 months ago
16th Feb 2018

Congress in Peru

XV Simposio Ibero-latinoamericano de Terminología anatómica – histológica – embriológica and II Congreso Peruano de Ciencias Morfológicas taking place in March 7th to 10th, 2018 in Lima, Peru, South America. For more more information go to

Posted 10 months ago
14th Feb 2018

Hannover Congress abstract submission

Abstract submission for EAVA Congress in Hannover, Germany in July 25th to 28th, 2018 is now open. Submission deadline is until 11th of March 2018. For details and absctract submission follow the link.

Posted 10 months ago
23rd Dec 2017

Festive Greetings

Dear all, Snow came a bit early in the Netherlands, and caused (of course, I would say) severe disruption (closure of airports and huge traffic jams). So completely different from what is depicted in the songs and pictures we hear and see related to the winter holidays! However, since I hear Mariah Carey approximately every […]

Posted 12 months ago
23rd Nov 2017

Prof. em. André Weyns

It is with great sadness that I inform EAVA that Prof. Em. André Weyns from Antwerp, Belgium has passed away on the 17th November 2017 in Leuven. He was born in Bonn on the 11th December 1947 and continued to be actively involved in the teaching of Veterinary Anatomy and the EAVA conferences beyond his […]

Posted 1 year ago
12th Nov 2017

Prof. Poulsen Nautrup, Munich

Obituary: Professor Dr. Cordula Poulsen Nautrup We mourn the death of Professor Dr. Cordula Poulsen Nautrup. She passed away at the age of 60 on 20th of July 2017. We lost a well-known anatomist, a pioneer in the field of veterinary ultrasound and echocardiography, an outstanding cardiologist and a respected and popular university lecturer. Professor […]

Posted 1 year ago
1st Aug 2017

Prof. Poulsen Nautrup funeral announcement

The funeral service for Professor Cordula Poulsen Nautrup will take place on August 16th at 2.00 p.m. at the protestant church (Versöhnungskirche) in 84405 Doreen, Germany. It will be followed by private interment attended by family only.

Posted 1 year ago