Christmas Greetings


Dear all,

No picture this time of the largest Christmas tree of the world; I’m in the process of moving to another house and have been living in a Bed and Breakfast in the middle of nowhere for 6 weeks now, together with my husband, two dogs, one cat, and an African grey which comments on everything. It is really confronting to hear your own voice call the cat and hush the dogs.


Still, the end of the year is arriving quite soon, I cannot believe that we are that far already. The YGVA meeting in Bucharest only seemed to have happened yesterday. Thank you Iuliana and your team for hosting a meeting with excellent presentations and discussions of a good level and including also very nice excursions, a.o. to the presidential palace (I promise I will never forget my passport again). Above all, it was a very exciting moment to present the first Young Generation scholarship to Kristyna Glocova of Brno. She will write a blog about her work after she finished her stay in Nottingham. Hopefully, it will inspire other young researchers to apply for the scholarship as well!


And then heading for July, where we will have the EAVA meeting in Ghent. After Ghent you will have a new EAVA president as my four years of duty will end during the GA.  I will no memorize here what the EAVA achieved during these past years (that is something for the GA), but I hope you do agree that we are very much alive, with a very active young generation to succeed us in the near future. In Dutch we say: Who has the youth/youngsters, has the future in one’s hand and that’s exactly how I feel!


I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and Happy holidays, on behalf of the board of the EAVA,

we hope to see you all in Ghent, and continue our discussions where we left them in Bucharest or Hannover,


hartelijke groet,

Claudia Wolschrijn