Online Resources

Online lecturing

  • Blackboard collaborate

– life lecturing for more than 200 participants

– requires institutional subscription but now available as a personal subscription for free via coursesites

  • Kialo-edu

– classroom discussions

  • Adobe connect

– lecturing for 200+ participants

– paid, but currently have 90 days free access

  • BigBlueButton

– free online lecturing up to 30 participants

– does not support powerpoint

  • Cisco Webex Meetings.

– Good video and audio connectivity, up to 100 participants and unlimited time.

– No file/screen sharing in free option.

– Might work on mobile phone

  • Zoom Meetings:

– Video, audio and screen sharing for up to 100 participants.

– Might work on mobile phone

  • MS Teams – fully functional, slightly more difficult to set up, needs institutional subscription.




  • Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum

– a huge range of images, dissections, radiographs and interactive resources on many species


  • RVC digital anatomy museum images


  • Anatomy YouTube channel from UAE


Musculoskeletal system

  • Explore a Dog skeleton in 3D online ( From University of Bristol)


  • Interactive Atlas of osteology and arthrology of the Dog


  • Explore a Dog’s thoracic organs in 3D online


  • Explore a thoracic canine dissection online


  • Explore a abdominal canine dissection online


  • Explore a pelvic canine dissection online


  • Dissection images (labelled) on a range of specimens can be found under each species link of the Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum


  • Equine Head and Dentition


  • Equine Distal Limb


  • Models of the thoracic and pelvic limb of a horse

  • Models of the mandibula


  • Model of a skull of a dog


  • Myology and osteology of a dog

– requires subscription





  • Spinal column anatomy and physiology


  • Exploring the synapse


  • Neuro Exam


  • Neuro Merck vet Quiz


  • Peripheral nerves Quiz


Cardiorespiratory system


  • Ventilation


  • WikiVet


  • RVC virtual cardiac patients


  • Heart disease VetMerck mannual quiz


  • Resp dx of cattle Quiz


  • Resp system Quiz from Merck Vet


Urinary system


  • Glomerular filtration pressure


  • Kidney anatomy


  • Kidney Physiology


  • Kidney and drug excretion


  • Infectious disease quiz


  • Noninfectious disease quiz


  • Iris Staging


Gastroinestinal system


  • Liver anatomy


  • Liver Physiology


  • Liver and Drug Metabolism


  • Merck Vet Digestive system quiz


Reproductive system


  • Abortion in large animals quiz by MerckVet


  • Mastitis in cattle quiz by MerckVet


  • Management of Reproduction in Equines


Diagnostic imaging


  • Veterinary Radiology


  • Online CT atlas




  • Set up a digital micrscope online



  • Commonly used online reference


  • For light relief the I Heart Histo blog and twitter is educational and fun



  • From the University of Cordoba, an interactive online tool helps teach gametogenesis, fertilisation and embryology


  • Embryology of the canine abdomen


  • Comparative placentation


  • Embryo images


  • Some human histology reseources