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Dear colleague,

It is our pleasure to inform you of the upcoming events at the International Society for Plastination (ISP):

1st ISP Online Interim Meeting, April 26-29th, 2021. Free registration is open until February 25th at the   

1st Plastination online Seminars:
            Plastination Silicone S-10 Technique,  April 19th-20th 2021
            Sheet Plastination of Brain P-40 Technique, April 21st-22nd 2021
                Preliminary program and Pre-registration on-line system at:   


International Congress on Veterinary Anatomical Sciences

3-4 March, 2021 Tehran, Iran

We are proud to present the International Congress on Veterinary Anatomical Sciences, organized by the Department of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, of the University of Tehran, Iran. The congress will be held on 3-4 March, 2021 on a web platform, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The International Congress on Veterinary Anatomical Sciences aims to gather a high quality faculty of academic scientists, researchers and research scholars from all over the world to exchange and share their research and expertise on veterinary anatomy topics such as gross anatomy, histology, embryology, stem cells, cellular and molecular biology, and anatomical sciences education. The congress benefits from the support of outstanding international scientists participating as keynote speakers or members of the scientific committee, and kindly encourages national and international professors, researchers, and postgraduate students to submit their research abstracts.


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Organizing committee 



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Regional Meetings Events

The aim of the EAVA is to promote high quality science and research in the anatomical sciences. One of the greatest strengths of the society is its diversity and nowhere is this exemplified better than by the range of topics at the meetings organized by our member institutions. This can be further broadened by interactions of our members at the meetings organized on a national and international level.

If you are organizing any event related to the anatomical sciences and related fields, please do not hesitate to in announcing this here.
E-mail to

Secretary General Dr. Michal Kyllar