Young Researcher Scholarship

Learn techniques from members throughout the world

EAVA Young Researcher Career Development Scholarship

The EAVA are pleased to announce an annual scholarship enabling young researchers (35 years of age and under) to learn techniques from members throughout the world. The techniques may include shadowing opportunities and learning teaching or research techniques. The techniques should not be available at the researcher’s own institution. A maximum of €1000 will be available per applicant (up to €2000 will be available per annum).

The aim of this award is to enable young researchers belonging to the EAVA, to enhance their careers, introduce new methodologies to their universities and to enable dissemination of skills and techniques throughout our community.    

Conditions of the scholarship

  1. Both the young researcher and host researcher must be active members of the EAVA and be up to date with subscription payments.  
  2. The young researcher must be aged 35 years or younger. In very exceptional circumstances, we may be able to extend the age limit if extended periods of leave (more than three years) have been taken within your career or, due to a career change, scientific training was started after the age of 25 years.
  3. The scholarship (€1000 maximum) may only be used towards basic travel and accommodation costs. University fees/consumables/bench fees/tuition/registration costs/conference fees and similar cannot be claimed. 
  4. Applications should be written in English, awards will be given based upon conditions and rationale. Scholarships will be given based upon recommendations of a commission formed by the board with invited referees. 
  5. Scholarship applications should be received by June 1st of each year. Successful applicants will be announced at EAVA or YGVA congress each year (usually July). The intended visit should take place within one year of the congress date.   
  6. A report or blog (up to 750 words, photographs may be included) for the EAVA website must be submitted by the young researcher within 60 days of completion of the visit.
  7. The applicant should consider submitting a poster or oral presentation abstract to the next congress.
  8. Technologies/techniques/skills should be in an area of teaching and/or research that relates to anatomy, histology or embryology.
  9. Payment will be provided once receipts have been provided to the treasurer.
  10. EAVA takes no responsibility for travel or visa arrangements, insurance or communication between the applicant and the host.
  11. Once an applicant has been successful, we ask that they do not apply again, hosts may volunteer to take future applicants though. This will ensure that the award can be used as widely as possible. 

How to apply

  • Please complete the application form below.
  • Please provide a letter from your head of department/supervisor to confirm that your application details are correct.
  • Please also provide a letter from the host researcher confirming that they are willing to provide the training placement.  
  • Please provide a short curriculum vitae (up to two A4 pages) of the applicant. 
  • Documents may be combined or sent separately as either a pdf or word document. 

Please send all information to the Young Generation of European Association of Veterinary Anatomists representative, who will collate applications.
Until 2018 this is

EAVA Young Researcher Career Development Scholarship Recipients

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EAVA Young Researcher Career Development Scholarship at the Ross University

One awardee of the EAVA travel award annually is also eligible for an additional award of $1,000 dollars from Ross University on the island of St Kitts if the EAVA travel funds are used for travel in a research collaboration with the Veterinary Anatomy Department at Ross University in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis in The Caribbean.

    • For details contact:

Application for scholarship (DOC)