Leiser Poster Prize

Formerly Prize of the Berlin Veterinary Anatomists


  1. The prize is awarded for excellent results in studies from the field of veterinary anatomy. it is awarded on the basis of excellent posters. The prize will normally be awarded every two years and will be included as a regular event of the congress of the EAVA. The selection committee is authorized to decide upon exceptions.
  2. Nominees should work in veterinary anatomy and should not be older than 40 years at the time of the prize. The prize can not be given twice to the same person.
  3. The recipient is determined by the selection committee. The committee will consist of four EAVA members chosen by the Executive Committee of the EAVA, one of whom must be from the Giessen or Hannover Department of Veterinary Anatomy. The decisions of the selection committee are final and preclude the right to take legal proceedings. The selection committee will report the decision to the Executive Committee of the EAVA, which then will inform the prizewinner.

Leiser Poster Prize Winners

See all past winners and their work. Leiser Poster Prize is awarded since 1986.