Leiser Poster Prize Laureates

Awarded since 1986

List of all Leiser Poster Prize Laureates

  • 1986
    Dr. Tibor FANCSI et al. (Budapest, Hungary): ‘Cytomorphology changes of the shell and chorioallantoic membrane after bacterial and virus infections’.
  • 1988
    Prof. Dirk BERENS VON RAUTENFELD et al. (Hannover, Germany): ‘Initial lymphatics with a new vacuum method’.
  • 1990
    Dr. Jean-Pierre DE GEEST et al. (Ghent, Belgium): ‘Comparative morphology of the pectinate ligament in the domestic animals’.
  • 1992
    Dr. Heinz AUGSBURGER (Zurich, Switzerland): ‘The vascular plexus of the female canine urethra’.
    Dr. Viera RAJTOVA (Kosice, Slovakia): ‘The hypothalamic paraventricular organ in the goat : A scanning electronmicroscopic study’.
  • 1994
    Dr. Michael STOFFEL (Bern, Switzerland): ‘Materno-fetal tracer transport in the placenta of the bitch’.
    Dr. J.L.L. RIVERO (Cordoba, Spain): ‘Muscle responses of Andalusian, Arabian and Anglo-arabian horses to endurance training and detraining’.
  • 1996
    Dr. Sabine WENISCH (Giessen, Germany): ‘An ultrastructural investigation of rat cerebellar purkinje neurons after chronic ethanol consumption and abstinence’.
    Dr. J.M. CIFUENTES (Lugo, Spain): ‘Organization of pyramidal cells and myelinated axons in area 18 of the Rhesus monkey’.
  • 1998
    Dr. Johanna PLENDL (Munich, Germany): ‘Expression of growth hormone receptor in porcine vascular endothelium’.
  • 2000
    Dr. J. Calka (Olsztyn, Poland): ‘Nitric oxide synthase in the porcine preoptic area and hypothalamus: distribution and co-localization with LHRH and estrogen receptor’.
    Dr. Johann MAIERL (Munich, Germany): ‘Subchondral bone density in the canine hip joint’.
  • 2002
    Dr. Silke BUDA et al. (Berlin, Germany): ‘An ultrastructural study on nerve endings in the foot pads of turkeys’.
    Dr. Sabine KOELLE et al. (Munich, Germany): ‘Synthesis of growth hormone during implantation and early development of the mouse embryo’.
  • 2004
    Dr. Sven REESE et al. (Munich, Germany): ‘Vascularization of the ciliary body and iridocorneal angle in the avian eye’.
  • 2006
    Dr. Hanna JAKOVIAK (Poznan, Poland): ‘Comparative study on the distribution and structure of glands in the gallbladder in some species of canidae’.
    Dr. Erling Olaf KOPANG (Oslo, Norway): ‘Expression of melanocyte-genes in the visceral organs of the Atlantic salmon’.
  • 2008
    Dr. Claudia GULDIMANN et al. (Bern, Switzerland): ‘Exploring the canine labyrinth’.
  • 2010
    H. Chateau, Laurene Holden, R. Damien, S. Falala, P. Pourcelot, J.-M. Denoix and Nathalie Crevier-Denoix (Maisons-Alfort, Paris France): ‘Biomechanics of the equine foot during landing and the effects of track maintenance ‘.
  • 2012
    A.Z. Alibhai, G.W.K. Chung, P. Barrett, M. Plested, C. Bordoli, Am. Alibhai, A.J.E. Foss, C. Rutland (Nottingham, UK): ‘Ocular metabolic pathways during development’.
  • 2014
    M. Zalecki (Olsztyn, Poland): ‘Intrinsic gastric nerve projections supplying the pyloric sphincter in the domestic pig (Sus scrofa) – Preliminary studies’.