Simic–Grau Award

Donations for young scientists


  1. The honorary members of the EAVA, Professor Dr. sc. V. SIMIC (Belgrade, Yugoslavia) (creator), and Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. H. GRAU (Weilheim, Federal Republic of Germany) (first donor), are intending to give DM 5.000,- each to the EAVA, in order to sponsor young scientists. Further donations from other givers are to augment the basic capital, to increase the value of the award and guarantee its future continuance.
  2. The capital of the research award will be taken care of and put out at optimal interest by the trasurer of the EAVA.
  3. Ninety % of the capital interests will be given to young veterinary anatomists as a prize (SIMIC-GRAU RESEARCH AWARD) for excellent scientific research work in the wide field of comparative veterinary anatomy. Ten % of the capital interests incurred – according to the wish of the givers – have to be saved to raise the basic capital.
  4. The selection of the research works and the prospective winners of the award is made by the board of control which consists of the Executive Committee of the day and two other members of the EAVA. The latter are elected by the General Assembly of the EAVA for a period of four years. The board of control decides on the presentation of the award by simple majority. On parity of votes the president has the casting vote.
  5. The board of control comes to a definitive decision on eliminating legal proceedings.
  6. The winners of the award, apart from the money gift, will be presented with a document in which the cause of the award will be listed. The document will be signed by the president of the EAVA.
  7. The SIMIC-GRAU RESEARCH AWARD presentation takes place every second year on occasion of the regular general meeting during the congress of the EAVA.
  8. The basic capital of the SIMIC-GRAU RESEARCH AWARD as well as the funds raised by the other donors may only be used for the purpose listed in article 3.
  9. The members of the controlling board will not be paid for their activities; they act as honorary employees.
  10. The executive board of the EAVA, on occasion of the congresses, is supposed to ask the members of the EAVA to augment the basic capital of the award by further donations.
  11. The president of the EAVA will post an extra vote of thanks to the contributors to the SIMIC-GRAU RESEARCH AWARD.

Simic-Grau Award Winners

See all past winners and their work. Simic-Grau Award is awarded since 1984.

Implementation rules of the Simic-Grau Research Award

In order to base the selection of the Simic-Grau Award on a broader platform, it is proposed to take the professional opinion of more attendants than was the case foreseen in the original terms (rule 4) of the award: In addition to the Board of control which consists of the Executive Committee and two other members of the EAVA (Professor Christoph Mülling and dr. Melania Crisan: elected by the General Assembly 2016) all chairpersons of the scientific sessions of the oral presentations also are included in this selection process.

Each of these chairpersons receive a ballot form from the two elected members at the beginning of the congress, by which they nominate one of the speakers who presented a paper during the oral session that they have supervised. The board of control would take these nominations into consideration when selecting the Award winner.